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Are Essential Oils the Cure for Everything?

· Essential Oils

What essentials oils can and can't do:

People are raving about essential oils nowadays. On the internet you can find long reports about how they cured themselves from … well I am not allowed to say this here. Just google. So, that makes it seem like essential oils are like a magic pill, that will make you totally healthy and happy

Well, it is not quite like that Essential oils are no magic cure (normally). But, they are one of the best support you can get!

When you are in a crisis, when you are longing for more strength and vitality, essential oils can be like your best buddies - they will give you strength, calm you and have a deep impact on your whole system, if used in the right way.

The best ingredient to live a happy life...

But there is no guarantee, that they will have the effect you are hopping for. Life is a journey, with ups and downs. Using essential oils is just like that.

Sometimes I have great results and rave about them, sometimes I choose one oil, another one, and even give up after trying forever - until I reach out to an oily friend, who usually has some more tips. But it is my responsibility to try and search for the right oil, to find solutions or to look somewhere else.

... is your decision to take the first step

The will to take on responsibility for your own life and wellbeing is one of the magic ingredients, when it comes to living a healthy and happy life. And yes, there is an oil for strengthening will power as well - many, actually :)

Choosing to work with essential oils to get natural solutions for my body, home and family was one of the best decision ever.

You can start right now, right here.

Take the first step to a healthy and happy life. Get doTERRA oils into your home and learn how to use those natural remedies. You will get help, not only from the plants, but from me as well once you decide to move forward!

Warm greetings from Sweden,

Susanne Winberg

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