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Frankincense: Alignment - Relaxation - Renewal

My first oil I am introducing to you in 2019 is the king of oils: Frankincense.

I was drawing this picture at night, with a drop of Frankincense under my tongue, Frankincense in the diffuser and a drop of this precious oil on my third eye. I was surprised about the colours and the pattern showing up in the drawing, since it much reminded me of nerve cells and roots and lots of light that goes down to earth, coming from above. That is how I experience Frankincense - it brings in light into every cell, helps to calm my nervous system and grounds me at the same time - in other words: alignment.

*As usually, when I talk about using essential oils internally, I only refer to doTERRA essential oils, since they are 100 percent pure and tested - every single batch.

Keywords for Frankincense:

  • Disconnection - Connection
  • Darkness - Light
  • Distant - Loved
  • Unprotected - Protected
  • Closed - Open
  • Anxious - Calm

Frankincense brings in light, raising vibrations and therefore makes you feel protected, connected to spirit and peaceful. The light and high vibration of this oils are the reason for its enhancing power - add Frankincense to any essential oil blend and it will increase the impact of the other oils as well (therefore the name “king of oils”)

Frankincense Essential Oils Susanne Winberg

Look at the Frankincense resin - it looks like pure gold. It is the juice of life from the Boswellia tree, which grows in places like Somalia - in hot temperatures, where the sun burns intensely. One could imagine that the tree saves the sunlight in its resin and through the distillation-process we can extract an essential oil full of light. It is an alchemistic process.

Do you want to get this oil and see for yourself?

Take the first step today and start right here.

I am looking forward to welcoming you into my team!


Susanne Winberg

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